Proprietary AI products as well as product development and R&D services for non-standard and science intensive tasks.

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Finance & Banking

Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics for Finance & Banking.

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We have a specialist design and development team with experience of developing algorithms for automated loan underwriting, forecasting and credit scoring systems.

One system that we developed for a Bank was trained to calculate the maximum loan value, based on personal background, credit information and repayment history with minimum risk to the Bank. Another supports a loan manager during client calls, using emotional states detected in the voice signal.

Part of the Ocutri team worked on projects for Boeing to build a system for abnormal behaviour detection and forecasting.

We have built a system that automatically calculates ratings of the participants in the financial market (banks, mutual funds, etc.) and a big data system for profiling Wi-Fi users in the Moscow Metro (STATMaxima platform for MaximaTelecom). The software analyses their behaviour on the Internet, predicting gender, age, interests, income level, places of interest and other traits. See datasets and tools.

We have been involved in numerous projects on building trading algorithms and software.

We are working with Neurodata Lab to provide systems for remote visual recognition of emotions and gaze behaviour tracking to discover emotional states and people’s intentions.

We have also something to help you in cryptocurrency trading.

We work with both structured and unstructured, indirect or seemingly unrelated data.


We have years of experience in the most popular Java and JS technologies and tools for web and mobile software, such as:

  • – Meteor, Play Framework, Reactor and Eclipse Vert.x, Spring Framework

  • – Client Side: Bootstrap, AngularJS and Vue.js

  • – Big data processing. We use Cloudera CDH and customize it with other components of Apache big data ecosystem. We use Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Kafka, Flume and other components.

  • – SQL, NoSQL and Key-value databases, such as Redis, MongoDB, Cloudera Impala and Apache Hive, PostgreSQL, MS SQL.

For high load bottlenecks and computation-expensive tasks we write components in C++, C and CUDA.


Our team members have taken part in many types of financial services software systems. That's why we can offer you our help in the following areas:

  • – Automated Loan Underwriting
  • – Credit Scoring
  • – Churn rate prediction
  • – Big Data Analysis
  • – And so much more

We use machine learning, iterative and direct mathematical methods for optimisation, forecasting, finding latent variables in your data that have the most influence, evaluating risks and finding abnormal behaviour. We also write systems that do this automatically in your production environment.

You get plain numbers, meaning that you can directly control the efficiency of your business, make decisions and measure results.

We use Python, Matlab and R ecosystems for scientific R&D.

You need to work with us in case you want to:

  • 1. Speed up product time-to-market.
    Stay ahead of your competitors while they are looking for scarce skillset they require.

  • 2. Save up to 70% of hiring and maintaining the team yourself.
    It’s a great way to save money by avoiding the costs associated with hiring employees, providing them a workspace and paying them benefits. The higher position, the more you save.

  • 3. Work within a similar cultural context.
    We are nearshore. We have representation in UK and EU. We work from Russia.

Want to capitalize on your data? Reduce risks and predict business growth? Let`s discuss:

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